Year 2 – Swallows

Welcome to Swallows class!

Class Teacher : Miss Polly Russell

SCITT: Mrs Andrea Davies

LSA : Mrs Lyndsy Cope

Class Curriculum Newsletter

Year 2 – Swallows

Reading in Key Stage 1

Reading at Mytchett Primary School

Parents Briefing on Phonics Screening and Year 2 SATs

KS1 Assessment Parents Briefing

Just Jhoom

This week, Year 2 enjoyed a Bollywood dance workshop with ‘Just Jhoom’. We learnt a few hand movements including the lotus flower and the bee and used these to create a short routine!

KS1 Multiskills

On Thursday 7th June, 10 Year 2 children from Mytchett and a Year 2 team from Lakeside took part in a Multiskills sports event. Our fabulous Year 5 Sports Crew planned some really fun activities that challenged the children’s throwing, balance, running and ball skills. Each activity was scored and at the end these were added up. Lakeside had a great score of 123 but Mytchett managed to clock up an amazing 172! Well done Mytchett – we saw some fantastic teamwork and determination! Thank you to our Sports Crew for hosting such a great event.


In Year 2, we have been learning about the world’s Polar regions. We made clay models of Polar animals and created short films using stop-frame animation software. Stanley and Beth’s film tells the story of a polar bear and a walrus who became friends and played games in the snow!

The Gilbert White Field Studies Centre

Year 2 have enjoyed a super day at The Gilbert White Field Studies Centre today. We learned a bit about what it is like in Antarctica and how explorers have tackled the challenge of the extreme cold, looking particularly at Captain Scott’s journey to the South Pole. Penguins adaptations have taught us a lot about how to live in the freezing cold. We did an experiment to test out the effect of blubber and decided it’s definitely a good idea for keeping warm!

The Life Education Centre

Today Year 2 enjoyed a visit from The Life Education Centre. Mark taught us a little bit more about how different parts of the body work and we saw what’s under our skin on his life size model. We particularly enjoyed learning that our stomachs can stretch up to the size of a small football when we eat a big dinner! We also met Mark’s friend, Harold the giraffe, and helped him to sort out a difficult situation that he was having his friends. We thought carefully about feelings and what we can do to manage how we are feeling, particularly if we are angry. We had a super time – thanks Mark!

Anti-bullying Week

This week has been anti-bullying week and in Year 2 we have talked a lot about the difference between bullying and unkind behaviour. We agree that bullying is targeted, unprovoked, repeated and unequal. We designed posters to help share this definition of bullying.


Today Year 2 enjoyed a taster session with Sam from SCL. After a warm up we played handball, thinking carefully about how to work as a team and communicate. It was a lot of fun!


Today in Maths, Year 2 have been representing the values on a numberline using numicon, dienes and multilink cubes. We found the resources really helped us to see how the values increased as we moved across the numberline.

Kings and Queens

Year 2 have kick started their topic learning this week by making crowns! We looked at some example crown designs and tried to think carefully about the shape, colour choices and decorations that we used. We think they look super!