Year 2 – Swallows

Welcome to Swallows class!

Class Teacher : Miss Polly Russell

SCITT: Mrs Andrea Davies

LSA : Mrs Lyndsy Cope

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Year 2 – Swallows

Guide to Grammar

Year Two – Grammar and Punctuation

Reading in Key Stage 1

Reading at Mytchett Primary School

Choose Respect Week

We started the week with ‘Odd Sock Day’. We all came to school wearing odd socks and shared the story of Simon Sock. Simon Sock lives in the drawer with all the other socks, who often go on adventures: the sparkly socks go to parties, the sports socks do races and the woolly socks go to the park. Sadly, Simon doesn’t have a pair. He’s on his own. He’s odd. So Simon sets out to find his perfect partner but discovers that he is happiest with someone who is not at all like him after all!

Today we shared our ideas about what respect might look like. Together, we came up with a definition of respect.

Environmental Art Week

In Year 2 we looked at the autumnal colours we could find in nature and used these to create spiral patterns!

Windsor Castle

Year 2 had a super day at Windsor castle today! Our favourite parts included watching the guards marching, being knighted, seeing the gold rooms inside the state apartments and dressing up as some of Queen Victoria’s helpers!