Nursery – Ducklings

Prospective parents may arrange to visit our Nursery in two sessions. Visits are available Mondays at 10am or Wednesdays at 1.30pm. Please ring the Office to book a visit.

Class Teacher – Mrs Christa Scott-Fernandez and Mrs Emma Crocker

Nursery Assistants – Mrs Trisha Lucas, Mrs Karen Cull, Mrs Melissa Gallup, Mrs Jenny Yeomans, Miss Chantel Deebank, Mrs Sophie Braun, Mrs Lisa Mills

Reading with your child – How To Say The Sounds Of Letters In Synthetic Phonics 

Class Curriculum Newsletter

Nursery – Ducklings

New guests at Nursery

Egg-citing things have been happening recently in the Nursery. Last Wednesday we welcomed our parents in for our Smile morning and we were just in time to see the arrival of duckling number one. Throughout the day our one lonely duckling was joined by a further three friends and overnight another two arrived! This means the nursery children have successfully hatched six Magpie ducklings. The children have been helping to settle the ducklings in their temporary home by ensuring that they have everything that they need; food, water and clean bedding. We have even given the ducklings their first bath. We giggled lots as we discovered that they are very messy bathers, making a big splash. The funniest part was when the ducklings made a bid for freedom and escaped from the bath, running loose around the Nursery! We are loving our new guests and will be sad to see them go but we know they will be super happy with their new family in their newly built duck house.

Ducklings have been very busy investigating the ice and snow. We’ve been digging and collecting it, making snow castles. We have been scientists, finding out how to make ice and also how to melt it. Our teddies and dinosaurs got frozen in the ice so we had to work out how to free them. We discovered that when the snow is warmed up it turns to water and also salt helps to melt it too!

Ducklings made their own snowy gloop. We chose what we wanted to put in it, including flour, shaving foam and real snow! We’ve had so much fun learning and investigating!

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