Year 1 – Owls

Welcome to Owls Class!

Teacher : Mr Lee Fleming

LSA : Mrs Debbie Pain

Class Curriculum Newsletter

Year 1 – Owls

Guide to Grammar in Year 1

Year One – Grammar and Punctuation

Reading in Key Stage 1

Reading at Mytchett Primary School

Reading with your child – How To Say The Sounds Of Letters In Synthetic Phonics

Parents Briefing on Phonics Screening and Year 2 SATs

KS1 Assessment Parents Briefing


Phonics is how children learn to read and write. This is why it is really important to read with your child every day. Want to read more? Use your child’s log in to Bug Club to access more books! Don’t forget to talk about what you read with your child.
In the summer term of Year 1 all children will sit a phonics screening assessment. This is where children are assessed on their phonic knowledge again 20 real and 20 nonsense words. Keep practising the flashcards at home with your children.

KS1 Phonics Screening Briefing

Quick Guide for parents – Phonics Screening – Jan 2019

home made screening words 1

home made screening words 2

home made screening words 3

home made screening words 4


During Year 1, children will develop their cursive handwriting. We say ‘start on the line and you’ll be fine’ Please encourage your child to form all of their lower case letters this way. Why not draw letters in snow, sand or playdough… We love doing rainbow writing!

Handwriting Practice

Walk the Plank

Year 1 discovered something terrible!
A pirate named Blackbeard has stolen Year 1s beloved Owl teddy, Midnight. We have completed lots of different quests to try and get Midnight back. The class decided that we should build our own ships so that we can go at sail to see if we can follow maps to track them down. But will we be able to rescue him?

Home learning

– Reading (Don’t forget Big Club)
– Doodlemaths (aim for 50 stars a week)
– Phonics

Want to keep learning?

– Write a snowy story, can you use capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and adjectives?
– Use your directional and positional language (up, down, right, left, whole turn, half turn, quarter turn) to create a map with instructions about a place near your house.
– Place value. Go for a walk and see what numbers you can see. Take a note and create maths sentences for them and show them in different ways. E.g. ” To make seventeen, you need on ten and seven ones.”

It’s a Cracker!

KS1 have loved performing their Nativity ‘It’s a Cracker!’ this week. Thank you everyone for coming to watch and supporting us!