Year 1 – Owls

Welcome to Owls Class!

Teacher : Mr Lee Fleming

LSA : Mrs Debbie Pain

Class Curriculum Newsletter

Year 1 – Owls

Guide to Grammar in Year 1

Year One – Grammar and Punctuation

Reading in Key Stage 1

Reading at Mytchett Primary School

Reading with your child – How To Say The Sounds Of Letters In Synthetic Phonics


Phonics is how children learn to read and write. This is why it is really important to read with your child every day. Want to read more? Use your child’s log in to Bug Club to access more books! Don’t forget to talk about what you read with your child.
In the summer term of Year 1 all children will sit a phonics screening assessment. This is where children are assessed on their phonic knowledge again 20 real and 20 nonsense words. Keep practising the flashcards at home with your children.

Quick Guide for parents – Phonics Screening – Jan 2019

home made screening words 1

home made screening words 2

home made screening words 3

home made screening words 4


During Year 1, children will develop their cursive handwriting. We say ‘start on the line and you’ll be fine’ Please encourage your child to form all of their lower case letters this way. Why not draw letters in snow, sand or playdough… We love doing rainbow writing!

Handwriting Practice

Owls Autumn 1

We started our Year with a hunt for our missing owls. Who had taken them?

The clues pointed to Stick Man. He was missing and so were the owls. We made our own Stick Man, we gave them names and built houses. (Click the thumbnail to see a larger image)

We had to find out facts about our body, use our senses to solve the clues and find out who had taken the owls.

We drew around our bodies and labelled the parts.

Science Investigation

We used our taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight to answer questions. Who did take the Owls?

Tag Rugby

In September we were joined by Premier Coaching who taught us Tag Rugby.

Mytchett Meets the World.

During Mytchett Meets the World, Owls learnt lots about China.


We tasted rice crackers and fortune cookies.

We learnt a Chinese dance.

We made collage pandas and dragon fortune tellers.

What next? Tremendous Toys, Remembrance, Children in Need, Anti-Bullying Week and the Nativity!