Year 3 – Nightingales

Welcome to the Nightingales class!

Class Teacher :  Miss Kate Risley

LSA :  Mrs Rachel Mansell, Mrs Karen Tyler, Mrs Lisa Mills

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Year 3 – Nightingales

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Mytchett Meets the World

On Friday 15th February Nightingales met The Netherlands. Mrs Grant (herself Dutch) was able to share everything that was great about her country. We learnt about the capital, some of the famous places and people, as well as some of the phrases. However, the best part we all agreed was trying the customary Hagelslag, which many Dutch children have for breakfast.

Pizza Express Trip

As part of Viva Italia, Nightingales had the opportunity to visit Pizza Express in Camberley. Here we learnt about the origins of the Italian pizza as well as all the jobs that are needed to run a successful restaurant. The highlight of the trip had to have been making our own Margherita pizzas.
We then used the visit to write our own set of instructions on how to create the perfect pizza. Through this we learnt about the different features of non-fiction texts, as well as why it is important to write clear and succinct sentences.
This was followed by exploring how to write a formal letter so we could write our own thank you letters to Laura at Pizza Express.


Year 3 Celebration

To round off our topic on Italy, families were invited in so that that Nightingales could not only show off some of our learning but also teach some of the parents what they had learnt. We were able to teach the grownups how to play two chords on the ukulele, how to code a computer game and how to persuade someone to visit a city in Italy. In addition, we were also able to test our adults’ knowledge of European cities and find out what toppings they liked best on a pizza.

Autumn Term

Wow what a term Nightingales have had. Here are some of the highlights of our learning.

During the first half of the term, Nightingales learnt all about the Stone Age and how this period transition through the Bronze Age and Iron Age. This topic was rounded off with a trip to Butser Ancient Farm.

Butser Ancient Farm

Butser Ancient Farm is a unique experimental archaeology site nestled into the rolling countryside of the South Downs National Park. The farm features archaeological reconstructions of ancient buildings from the Stone Age.


Art Week

Year 3 had an amazing week looking at a range of environmental art and the chance to make our own.



During P.E the children have combined their gymnastic skills with their IT skills. Through our use of seesaw the children were able to capture their learning, save it to their profile and then review it to see how they could improve. This is such a versatile tool that we cannot wait to use it in other aspects of our learning.



This term we have been strumming the ukuleles. We have learnt our first two chords and how to strum. After taking a pause to practise the Christmas concert, we will apply our skills to some songs, with the emphasis on timing.



In science we have explored nutrition and what animals including humans need to eat to stay healthy. As part of this, Nightingales got to make healthy snacks to sell to the rest of the school. This enterprising challenge meant that the children not only had to use their new science knowledge but to apply their maths skills. This meant that we had to work to a budget; adding up the total cost of our ingredients and then carefully weigh them out using scales.

The challenge was a great success with children from all year groups coming along at break time to purchase their snack.