Year 4 – Kingfishers

Class Teacher: Mrs Barbara Milne and Mrs Aileen Viney

LSA: Mrs Rachel Mansell

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Year 4 – Kingfishers

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Snow Activities

Have a look at the link below for some fun science related snow activities

Snow activities

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Year 4 had a great time on Friday 2nd November, visiting Fishbourne Roman Palace. They took part in a workshop where they were dressed as slaves and wrote with a stylus on a wax tablet and used dip pens to write their names on paper using the roman letters. Many also enjoyed building arches, using real tesserae to make mosaics and grinding wheat in the kitchen. The children learned about roman clothing as two were dressed as a roman prince and princess. After finding out about the background of the building they also got to see the wonderful mosaic floors and gardens.