Year 4 – Kingfishers

Class Teacher: Mrs Clare Beauchamp

LSA: Mrs Rachel Mansell, Mrs Karen Tyler, Mrs Lisa Mills

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Year 4 – Kingfishers

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Year Four- Grammar and Punctuation


We have been reading the book Escape from Pompeii and writing diary entries based on a characters from the book, the children have enjoyed immersing themselves into the Roman Lifestyle. Also as a class we have been investigating life as a Roman Solider and thinking about the difference between Rome and Britannia to write letters home to their families. KIngfishers have been looking at catapults and we are going to be making catapults using the understanding of leavers. We are also looking forward to our trip to Ufton Court to participate in some Roman Activities as our final outcome.

Here are some of the children practising how levers work and how changing the length of the arm affects the height and distance of the projectile.

Roman Day

We had a great Romans Day where the children shared their home learning and ate like Romans. They all looked amazing in their togas and everyone enjoyed the experience. What a great way to start our topic.

Also thank you to those parents who came to the class assembly and enjoyed the learning that Kingfishers had undertaken in the topic Burps, Bottoms and Bile.

Start of Term

At the start of the year, Kingfishers enjoyed exploring the Boom Whackers to make music and followed a score, to the Popcorn Tune. We then moved onto the topic, Burps, Bottoms and Bile. The children have loved learning about the digestive system and carried out a messy journey using a range of items. The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be creative with the 3D models of the digestive system. Some of their ideas were  brilliant!