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LSA : Mrs Sarah Harman

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Year 6 – Falcons

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Henley Fort

Last week, year 6 went on a fantastic trip to Henley Fort. We learnt a lot about life on the Homefront during World War II and took on the role of being both ARP (Air Raid Precautions) wardens and the Home Guard.
As part of the ARP we wore blue overalls with a beret and we had to enforce the blackouts and put out fires using hose pumps.
In the Home Guard we wore camouflage overalls, carried rifles or pikes and set up road blocks to check for enemy spies or German paratroopers!
We all had lots of fun whilst gaining a real insight into life during World War II.


This week we have started learning about light and how it travels.  We have learnt about reflection, and have identified and measured the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection. We are looking forward to using this learning to make periscopes!

World War II

This term, year 6 have started our World War II topic and are fascinated by it!  We started our topic with exploring what life was like in Britain during the war; learning about evacuation and jobs on the Home Front.  We have taken on the role of evacuees, writing letters and diary entries using ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ and ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ to inspire us. We are all now looking forward to our trip to Henley Fort where we will experience life on the Home Front and all our learning will come to life!


Year 6 have had a busy term learning all about the Vikings!

We learnt about their first invasion in Britain on the island of Lindisfarne and wrote newspaper reports retelling this event.

We also made leavened and unleavened bread, as they would have eaten throughout the Viking period. We learnt that the wealthier Vikings had leavened bread, using yeast, and those less fortunate ate unleavened bread that they made themselves and cooked on a stone over a fire. Here are some pictures.

We were extremely lucky to welcome a Viking lady to our school who ran a Viking Day workshop for us, in which we learnt all about the day to day life of a Viking. We were able to hold real Viking weapons including axes, knifes, shields and spears. Some of us wore Viking armour and we all felt how heavy it was. It took 4 of us to lift the chainmail! We played a game in which we held real Viking artefacts and had to guess what each was used for which was fascinating!

Following this, we went on to learn about the Norse Gods and Goddesses. We loved hearing all of the stories the Vikings used to tell so we made up our own Gods and Goddesses and wrote short stories about them.