Year 6 – Falcons

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Class Teacher : Mrs Jo Green

LSA : Mrs Emma Bacca

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Year 6 – Falcons

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The term started with some team work- we had to work in small groups to design and build paper bridges. These bridges had to cross a gap of 30cm and be made from 3 newspapers and some masking tape. Once made we tested them to see which were the strongest. When we tested we added kilogram weights to see how strong our structures were. This testing caused great excitement as some bridges held 8 kg but one crumpled under the weight of 5 kg.


Last week Falcons were struck by a natural disaster. This happened during assembly and when we returned to class we found the classroom had been struck by an earthquake. The tables were upturned and our belongings all over the place. We looked for clues and discovered an earthquake had struck. Once we had cleared up in record time, we researched the first aspect of our topic- Extreme Earth.