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 “Your dedicated team of local governors offers challenge and support to leaders. Governors pay regular visits to the school and are kept up to date via leaders’ tracking information and reports.” (Ofsted visit October 2018)

Welcome to the pages setting out the work of the Governing Body. You will find here who the governors are and what portfolio each governor carries (as well as statutorily required information about each governor and the record of their attendance at last year’s meetings of the Governing Body).

As the school is an academy within the Kite Academy Trust, the Governing Body is a committee of the Trust and acts on authority delegated to the governors by the Trust Board. The Head Teacher is automatically a governor. Two other governors are elected by parents, one by staff, and other governors are co-opted as necessary to provide the skills and experience needed. The role of the Governing Body is

  • To account to our stakeholders (Department for Education, Kite Academy Trust, parents, pupils, staff and local community) for the business of the school, nursery and Children’s Centre
  • To support the Kite Academy Trust in fulfilling its objectives and accountability responsibilities
  • To support the Head Teacher and all who work for or contribute to the school, nursery and Children’s Centre in the achievement of the objectives of the business of the school, nursery and Children’s Centre  
  • To monitor the operation of the school, nursery and Children’s Centre and to challenge constructively as needed


What do governors actually do? We hold two to three meetings a term at which we discuss how well the school is delivering on the aims of the School Improvement Plan and take a strategic view on the medium and long-term development of the school, nursery and Children’s Centre. We also put together a plan each year, in collaboration with the Head Teacher and her team, for a range of monitoring activities that give us evidence at first hand of what is going on in school. That mainly involves talking to children, talking to staff, visiting classrooms to see learning in action, and examining children’s work books and other documentary material. We also talk to parents at parents’ evenings. Some governors take part in Kite Academy Trust advisory bodies, working with representatives from the other Kite Academy Trust schools to ensure all our schools are successful and improving. Governors are supported in their work by a professional clerk, who arranges and minutes their meetings, and by training activities provided by the Kite Academy Trust.

For more about governor activities, see out termly newsletter “Boardtalk” (in the Newsletters tab under “News and Events”). For any other information, or if you would be interested in becoming a governor, please email


 Governor   Portfolio for 2018-19
 Trevor Lawson  Chair of governors, Head Teacher Appraisal Panel, Pay Appeals Panel, Allegations against Head Teacher, Children’s Centre working party, Parent Forum, SEND, Kite Academy Trust Standards Advisory Board, Kite Academy Trust Chairs Group
 James Clague  Vice-chair of governors, Pay Committee, Sports Premium, Assessment, Kite Academy Trust Finance Audit and Risk Committee
 Sam Willans  Children’s Centre working party and Advisory Board, Kite Academy Trust Management Board and Human Resources Advisory Board
 Shadeh Rahimi-Irandoust  Staff Governor, Premises/Health & Safety
 Samena Mehmood  Parent Governor, Head Teacher Appraisal Panel, Child protection/Safeguarding, Looked After Children, Children’s Centre working party and Advisory Board
 Kelly Sutcliffe  Parent Governor, Link Governor, Pay Committee, Premises/Health & Safety, Assessment
 Tiz Lockett  School Council, Maths, Boardtalk
 Katie Wilson  Children’s Centre (including working party and Advisory Board), English, Boardtalk
 Clare Freeman  Clerk to the Governing Body

Mytchett LGB Information September 2018

 Surname   First Names  Appointing Body   Date of appointment   Date Term of 
Office Ends 
 Capacity  Declaration of Interest  Date 
 Clague  James Robert  LGB  01/10/2015  01/10/2019  Co-opted  None  Sep-18
 Fisher  Fern  LGB  20/09/2016  Resigned  Co-opted  None  Sep-18
 Lawson  Trevor John  LGB  13/07/2015  13/07/2019  Co-opted  None  Sep-18
 Lockett  Teresa  LGB  19/09/2017  18/09/2021  Co-opted  None  Sep-18
 Mehmood  Samena  Parents  01/07/2016  01/07/2020  Parent  None  Sep-18
 Rahimi-Irandoust  Shadeh  Staff  01/05/2017  30/04/2021  Staff  School staff  Sep-18
 Sutcliffe  Kelly  Parents  24/11/2015  23/11/2019  Parent  None  Sep-18
 Willans  Sam  LGB  01/09/2018  ex officio  Headteacher  School staff  Sep-18
 Wilson  Katie  LGB  19/09/2017  18/09/2021  Co-opted  None  Sep-18

Mytchett Governors LGB Attendance 2017-2018

 Surname   First Names  Appointing Body   Date of appointment   Date Term of 
Office Ends 
 Resigned  LGB Attendance (4) 
 Clague  James Robert  LGB  01/10/2015  01/10/2019  Vice-chair  6 of 6
 Ibbotson  Jo  Ex Officio  01/07/2008  13/04/2018  4 of 4
 Andrews  Suzie  Ex Officio  16/04/2018  31/08/2018  2 of 2
 Lye  Katie  Ex Officio  16/04/2018  31/08/2018  2 of 2
 Lawson  Trevor John  LGB  13/07/2015  13/07/2019  Chair  6 of 6
 Mehmood  Samena  Parents  01/07/2016  01/07/2020  6 of 6
 Sutcliffe  Kelly  Parents  24/11/2015  23/11/2019  5 of 6
 Fisher  Fern  LGB  20/09/2016  19/09/2020  5 of 6
 Rahimi-Irandoust  Shadeh  Staff  21/03/2017  20/03/2021  5 of 6
 Lockett  Tiz  LGB  19/09/2017  19/09/2021  5 of 6
 Wilson  Katie  LGB  19/09/2017  19/09/2021  5 of 6

Clerk to Governors: Clare Freeman