Assertive Mentoring

At Mytchett, along with the other Kite Academy Trust schools, we follow a planning and assessment system called Assertive Mentoring. This system takes the whole child into account including their attendance, attitude to learning, rewards and academic progress.

In September 2017 we held a parents workshop to introduce the Assertive Mentoring system to parents and carers. This is repeated each September, primarily for parents of children joining Year 1 or are new to the system. Please follow the below link to view the most recent presentation notes.

Please also follow the below links to view the ./x assessment sheets that are being used for Reading, Writing, Maths and Science. These sheets indicate the expectations set from the National Curriculum. You will notice that these sheets are titled with a stage, the stage correlates to the year group. E.g. stage 1 – Year 1.

You will be given a personalised copy of these for your child at Parents Evening and with each report.

Key assessment dates for 2018-19 (Years 1-6)

Written reports to parents

  • January 21st 2019
  • May 7th 2019
  • July 15th 2019

Parent/Teacher consultations

  • October 16th and 18th 2018

Child/Parent/Teacher mentor meeting

  • January 15th and 17th 2019
  • April 30th and May 2nd 2019

Statutory Assessments

  • KS1 Phonics check – WB 10th June 2019
  • KS1 SATs – May 2019
  • KS2 SATs – WB 13th May 2019

Early Years

In Early Years (Nursey and Reception) assessment information is shared with parents on an ongoing basis through Tapestry. The first meeting of the year is a home visit, these are usually held in the first week or two of September. Further parent/teacher consultations are held during the Spring term and a written report is shared with parents at the end of the school year.

 Maths  Reading  Writing
 Year 1  Maths Stage 1  Reading Stage 1  Writing Stage 1
 Year 2  Maths Stage 2  Reading Stage 2  Writing Stage 2
 Year 3  Maths Stage 3  Reading Stage 3  Writing Stage 3
 Year 4  Maths Stage 4  Reading Stage 4  Writing Stage 4
 Year 5  Maths Stage 5  Reading Stage 5  Writing Stage 5
 Year 6  Maths Stage 6  Reading Stage 6  Writing Stage 6