Key Stage 1 Maths

Videos to help with Key Stage One Maths (Years 1 and 2)

The following videos have been chosen to be used as a guide for parents and carers when supporting children in their maths learning. The videos provide examples of questions teachers use and methods they teach. We hope this bank of videos act as a model of the language and methods for parents.

Unit Video Summary
Number and Place Value This video gives an introduction to place value.
please note: KS1 children are only required to learn place value of tens and ones.
This video demonstrates how children are taught to compare numbers, using objects and numerals.
Addition This video introduces addition, using number sentences
This video demonstrates adding within 20. It uses objects, number lines and number sentences.
This video explains addition of three one digit numbers.

Please note: this is a requirement for Year 2 only.

This video addresses the difference between adding ones and tens.
This video explains what happens to a two digit number when tens are added.
This video explains adding a one digit number to a two digit number.
Subtraction This video introduces subtraction, using number sentences.
This video demonstrates subtraction of two digit and one digit numbers, including crossing over 10.
This video explains subtracting tens.
Multiplication BBC Bitesize – How to Multiply Using an Array This video demonstrates how arrays are used to multiply one digit by one digit.