What To Do If You Think Your Child Is Being Bullied At School

What to do if you think your child is being bullied at school

  • Calmly discuss this with your child and note what they say has happened. Who was involved? How often have the incidents occurred? Listen to your child and value their feelings and worries.
  • Talk to your child’s Class Teacher as soon as possible. Agree an Action Plan and involve your child in this.
  • Learn about the school’s anti-bullying policy and procedures.
  • Keep a record of what is suggested by the teacher and give them time to investigate and implement strategies that will not make the situation worse. If you are unhappy with the teacher’s response or actions, or if the bullying continues, then you must contact the Head teacher and use the school’s complaints procedure.
  •  If the bullying is taking place outside of school and/or involves cyber-bullying (use of mobile phones or computers) then discuss this with the Head teacher in the first instance.

What Is Not Helpful

  • Telling your child to hit back or escalate the situation by aggression
  • Trying to tackle other children or parents yourself
  • Keeping quiet about it
  • Treating the school as part of the problem, when it could be part of the solution