Severe Weather Procedures

Plan 1: Snow but not enough to close the school

In the event of light snow, school will be open. We like to take the children outside so please ensure they have a suitable pair of outdoor boots, spare socks, warm coat, gloves etc on these occasions.

Plan 2: Snow that stops some members of staff reaching the school

 In this event we would attempt to host a ‘skeleton’ staff to welcome children who are unable to stay at home. Staff members travel from up to 15 miles away and this can cause complications to opening. Children who can stay at home will have their absence marked as ‘authorised’ and a phone call to school would not be necessary.

The most likely event is a deferred opening (10.30am) which enables staff to travel in and the site to be made safe for children.

(See the Snow Advisory Plan below)

Plan 3: So much snow school would have to be closed

In the event of extraordinary amounts of snow see Snow Advisory Plan.

Snow Advisory Plan



 Further information is also posted in bulletins on BBC Surrey radio 104.0 and 104.6FM and Eagle radio 96.4FM and also at

(emergency school closures)

In the event of extraordinary amounts of snow the decision to close would be taken by 7.15am by the Head Teacher in consultation with SCC, The Kite CEO and other local schools. A message will be placed on the answerphone (Option 2) and the Home Page of the school website between 7.15-7.30am.

A Parent mail will also be sent (although history tells us that there are potential delays with this when the disruption is widespread, so the website is the most reliable source).

Eagle Radio would be contacted and would include Mytchett in their list of closures.

We would ask parents to appreciate that in exceptional circumstances an early morning decision may be reversed if it becomes evident that travel conditions are treacherous.

In the event of heavy snowfall during the daytime when school is fully or partially open, you will be advised by Parentmail email and text that children may be collected earlier to ensure their safety. You are also welcome to come and collect your child if your own circumstances necessitate it.

If inclement conditions continue over a number of days, there will be daily updates posted on the website. In any event, the school website would be updated from 4.30pm to let parents know if school would be closed the following day or if Plan 2 will be in operation.

I am sure you can appreciate that it is very difficult to plan any further detail but please be advised that we will endeavour to keep communication channels up-to-date.

Any decisions made will consider the safety of the children, staff and parents as first priority.

Sam Willans
February 2019