School Council

Two children from each year group (Year 1 upwards) are selected by their classmates to be part of the School Council. The Council meets every month and discusses issues important to the children.

This year’s School Council members are

Year 1  Esme and Keslyn
Year 2  Kyra and Max
Year 3  Emily and Dominic
Year 4  Tyla and Elliot
Year 5  Summer and Thomas
Year 6  Alexa and Mikaeel

February 2018

Today’s meeting was rather quiet due to school trips and Young Voices, but we were joined by School Governor, Mrs Lockett. We reviewed Craze of the Fortnight and think that it is going well.  We need to check that teachers have the timetable up in their classrooms.  We are also going to ask Mrs Nawrattel to put each craze on the website so that parents can check at home.
We then looked at equipment that would give us more opportunities to be active on the school playground.  We talked about different ideas from the classes and then looked online at outdoor gyms suitable for children.  Miss Lye is going to look at budgets and in the meantime we are going to think of how we can gather money to put towards this exciting project.

January 2018

At this weeks meeting we celebrated our success on launching Craze of the Fortnight.  At a first glance it seems to be going well!  We discussed requests from the classes for ways to improve our school.  Some were a little over ambitious, but a common theme was large play equipment for playtime.  School Council are going to follow this up and make this our focus for this term.

December 2017

At our meeting this month we made the final decisions about ‘Craze of the Fortnight’.  We agreed the timetable for the next two terms and then decided on the rules that would keep it a happy and fun thing to happen.  Different members of school council were given some tasks to do to help launch Craze of the Fortnight, including writing a letter to parents and planning a whole school assembly.  Craze of the Fortnight will start in the Spring term.

November 2017
At our meeting this month we discussed the votes from the class questionnaires about toys from home being brought to school to play with at lunch time.  We had a mixture of opinions from different classes, so we debated the choices and took a vote.  It has been decided that we will go back to having a ‘Craze of the Fortnight’ and that toys will only come to school on a Friday.  We are going to write a timetable of what toys are coming in and when.  Once this is decided, a letter will go home with this information.

We also talked about our trip to Holly Lodge school on 3rd November, where we celebrated two years of being part of the Kite Academy Trust.  We planted a tree with local MP Michael Gove and had a drink and a biscuit.  We felt very proud to represent our school.