Virtual Learning

We miss you all so we’ve made you a video

Welcome to our Virtual Learning page. This page will be the place to come during the school closure to find learning resources and home learning tasks set by your teachers. The format of the page may change as time goes on and we get more resources and decide on better ways to lay things out so please bear with us!

On this page you will see our Virtual Learning Timetable. There is a link underneath it to a pdf version for easy printing.

Song of the Week – Take On Me (Epic) –  Hidden Citizens

Mytchett Primary Academy Virtual Learning Timetable

Story Time!
Begin your day with a story.

  • Take it in turns in your family to read a story out loud to others. We recommend a chapter book for Year 1 and older. For younger children read a different picture book each day.
  • Login to Bug Club to enjoy a new book!
‘PE with Joe’
Joe Wicks is holding live daily PE lessons each day at 9am to get you moving and keep everyone fit and healthy. Find ‘PE with Joe’ on his YouTube Channel ‘The Body Coach TV’.
Maths Activity
Complete one of the Maths activities set by your teacher (see the school website).
Get out in the fresh air wherever possible. Have a healthy snack – at school this is fruit and water or milk.

Mental Maths

  • For Year 1 upwards this should include regular practice of your next times table challenge. Focus on speed and fluency!
  • Login to Doodle Maths to work towards earning a total of 50 stars this week!
English Activity
Complete one of the English activities set by your teacher (see the school website). This could also include:

  • Handwriting practice using the school expectations.
  • Spelling practice using your year group spellings
Lunch and Free Time
Physical Exercise
Why not try one of Joe Wick’s ‘5 Minute Moves’ (on YouTube) or BBC Super Movers to get your heart pumping, try some ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ (also on YouTube) or play some happy music and have a dance! Try to get outside as much as possible in the garden if you can!

Wider Curriculum Learning

  • Work on your wider curriculum activity set by your teacher (see the school website).
  • French learning – do any activity set by Mrs Emsden and/or go on DuoLingo
  • Watch Newsround or Blue Peter
  • Try some mindfulness activities (see ideas on the school website)
Creative Time
This is down to the resources you have at home; painting, drawing, sewing, design and technology, cookery. You can also login to ‘Yumu’ (Charanga) to enjoy some Music learning!
Make a Difference Time
What can you do to make a positive difference to other people today? For example, set the table for tea, cook together, hoover, help to wash up, empty the dishwasher, write a letter or phone grandparents. This is down to your family expectations and may need some help initially to example what to do and in setting up a rota.


PDF Virtual School Timetable for easy printing

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Virtual Learning Tasks Set By Your Class Teacher

Year N

Ducklings Virtual Learning

Year R

Robins Virtual Learning

Year 1

Owls Virtual Learning Week 13    – WB 6th July

White Rose Summer Term Week 11 alternative lessons

How to add a suffix to a word

Summer Term Week 11 – Adding a Suffix Activities

Summer Term Week 10 Reading Comprehension

This zoo is not for you

World Map

Creating a Trail

Owls Virtual Learning Week 14    -WB 13th July

White Rose Summer Term Week 12

Telling the Time Board Game

Days and Months Activitiy Cards

Phonopoly Game

Summer Term Week 12 Grammar Activities

High Frequency Word Practise

Favourite Memories from Owls

Year 2

Swallows Virtual Learning Week 13    -WB 6th July

WB 060720 The Three Pigs

Swallows Virtual Learning Week 14    -WB 13th July

Year 3

Nightingales Virtual Learning Week 13    -WB 6th July

Nightingales Virtual Learning Week 14    -WB 13th July

Year 4

Kingfishers Virtual Learning Week 13   -WB 6th July

Kingfishers Virtual Learning Week 14    -WB 13th July

Year 5

Eagles Virtual Learning Week 13    -WB 6th July

Pulleys, Gears and Levers Powerpoint

Eagles Virtual Learning Week 14    -WB 13th July

Year 6

Falcons Virtual Learning Week 11    -WB 22nd June


Live Lessons Schedule


When? What? Where Extra info
9am Mon-Fri Joe Wicks morning PE sessions YouTube If you miss these, you can watch the videos afterwards on his YouTube Channel.
9:30am Set 1 speed sounds
10am Set 2 speed sounds
10:30am Set 3 speed sounds
Ruth Miskin Rad Write Inc Phonics lessons YouTube These videos are available to view for 24 hours after original streaming. The Phonics lessons will be available for the weeks beginning 23rd and 30th March.
9:45am Mon-Fri Writing with Jane Considine YouTube Watch this video to see how Super Sentence Stackers will work!
You can send children’s learning into Jane on:
Twitter – @Janeconsidine
Facebook – The Training Space
Email –
Dr Chip’s daily dose of Science, Engineering and Computing Dr Chips has different activities for each day. If you think you will be interested in this, look ahead and look at the resources you will need
Wildlife Chat with Steve Backshall YouTube Steve Backshall runs a Q & A session all about wildlife!
11am Elevenses with David Walliams Listen to one of David Walliam’s World’s Worst Children stories.
‘Beat Goes On’ – Body Beats body percussion online lessons YouTube If you miss these, you can watch the videos afterwards on the YouTube Channel.
Let’s Go Live Science with Maddie Moate and Greg Foot YouTube If you miss these, you can watch the videos afterwards on the YouTube Channel.
1pm and 4:30pm
Complete Coaching YouTube Join Mr Ormston and the Complete Coaching team for a live fitness video!
1pm Mon-Fri Natasha Lamb basics of British Sign Language YouTube Unclear if lessons are just for the week commencing 23rd March or for longer – watch this space! Videos are available for viewing on YouTube Channel afterwards.
7pm GMT Daily Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari FB Live Facebook (with parental supervision)
This safari is brought to you by Cincinnati Zoo in the USA! Each day they will highlight a different animal and give you an activity to do from home. Videos will be available on the YouTube Channel shortly after the Facebook Live ends.
All the time Live zoo cameras Edinburgh Zoo

Melbourne Zoo

Marwell Zoo

These zoos have live cams on their website. They’re running throughout the day and possibly into the night!


Helpful Resources For Families

Please have a look at:

Curriculum Webs and Knowledge Organisers

These are all saved under the curriculum area of our website and will give you the overview of the curriculum coverage for this term. Next term’s will be going up on the website soon!

Summer Holiday Busy List

Y2-Y3 Summer Holiday Maths Pack

Y3-Y4 Summer Holiday Maths Pack

Y4-Y5 Summer Holiday Maths Pack


Existing Online Platforms
SeeSaw (online learning platform)
Doodlemaths (Maths)
Bug Club (Reading)
Lexia (Reading – some children only)
Charanga (Music)
General Resources Free access code: UKTWINKLHELPS You will need to sign up and create an account but access is currently free! Games and activities for many subjects. YouTube videos on many subjects!
Phonics (username: march20 password: home) (requires Flashplayer)
Reading Mr Chapman (a fellow Kite teacher from Wyke school) has recorded lots of stories on his YouTube channel for you to enjoy!  Oliver Jeffers Reads one of his books every few days and talks about what went into creating it
‘Problem of the Day’
‘Master the Curriculum’ Select the appropriate year group and then ‘Mixed Objective Activities’ (You need to register but then the original price will be crossed out and replaced with £0.00).
Science – A range of outdoor activities which can be done in the garden. – Take a virtual tour of the Science Museums. This has ks1, ks2, stem project. Llots of fun ideas to do at home! ideas for at home and in the garden free during school closure
French (free to sign up/download and create an account)
Geography Geography games
History virtual and interactive museum tour
PE Yoga and mindfulness for kids
Computing Computer coding- plenty of tasks to complete online. computer programming Free online collection of software tools Learn how to touch type (requires you to create an account but no cost)
Mindfulness and ELSA Support
Mindfulness Skills
Weekly Planner for Children While Self-Isolating
Talking To Children About Covid-19
Coronavirus and Anxiety in Children
Explaining Covid-19 to Younger Children