Our Uniform Policy

Our Uniform Policy reinforces our ethos of high aspirations and expectations, and helps children to understand the difference between suitable attire for different settings: school; work; holidays and weekends. Children who are appropriately dressed for school are ready to learn and take part in all areas of the curriculum.

We believe our uniform unites us as a community, gives an identity to be proud of and reduces distractions. Wearing uniform promotes children’s self-esteem and helps them to feel proud of themselves and of their achievements at school. Uniform also acts as an equaliser – no-one has to feel awkward about the clothes they have or don’t have.

Children are expected to wear our uniform when in school and we maintain high expectations for children to stay neat and tidy at all times (e.g. shirts tucked in, laces tied).

Uniform Requirements

Winter (after the October half-term holiday until the end of the spring term)

• White polo shirt with academy logo (or plain white polo shirt)
• Burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan with academy logo
• Grey school trousers, skirt, shorts or pinafore
• Grey, white or black socks / grey, black or burgundy tights
• Black, flat, sensible shoes

Summer (after the Easter holidays until the October half-term holiday)

• Same as the winter uniform with optional red/white checked (gingham) summer dress.

PE Kit (in a named bag)

• T-shirt with academy logo (or plain t-shirt) in relevant house colour (see 'Additional Information' below)
• Black sports shorts
• Black, grey or navy blue jogging bottoms
• Black plimsolls or trainers

Additional Information

House Colours
Saphire - Blue; Ruby - Red; Citrine - Yellow; Emerald - Green

All shoes must be black, flat and sensible with laces, buckles or Velcro fastenings. Slip on shoes which fully cover the front of the foot (loafer style) are permissible however ballet style pumps are not acceptable. Trainers, boots or strappy/open-toed shoes are not allowed.

All children need a coat in cold or wet weather. All coats should be weatherproof, sensible and without any obvious branding.

The wearing of jewellery is not allowed with the exception of watches and earrings. Necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. are not permitted in school (unless these are of religious significance and they must be removed during physical activity).

Children may only wear one, small, plain stud earring in each ear.  Children must be able to remove earrings themselves for PE or other sporting events. Please bear this in mind when considering having your child’s ears pierced and arrange for ear-piercing to be done at the beginning of the summer holidays to allow for adequate healing time. Children who are not able to remove earrings (as these may be newly pierced) must have the earrings taped by their parent/carer at the start of the school day and removed by the parent/carer at the end of the school day. Staff will not supply, apply or remove tape.

Watches must be permanently named and children must be responsible for them.

Please also refer to the Guidance on Wearing of Jewellery document below.

Make-up (including nail varnish) is not permitted at any time.

Sensible and appropriate hair styles are required for school. Hair should be of a natural colour (not-dyed) and not be cut or styled in any extreme way. Shaved lines in the hair are not permitted. Hair below the shoulder must be tied back at all times. Long fringes should be kept away from the eyes. Hair accessories should be small, plain and preferably in the uniform colours. Large bows are not permitted.

All items must be clearly labelled with the child’s full name.

If you are having difficulties affording school uniform, please come and speak to us.

Buying Uniform

Uniform items with the academy logo are available for purchase from Brenda’s Schoolwear, 130 Frimley Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 2QN or www.brendas.co.uk

Items requiring the academy logo are listed above. Other logo items are available however these are not compulsory.

All other items may be purchased from high street retailers.

Second-hand Uniform

Second-hand uniform is available for purchase and is not only a more cost effective option but also supports the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ environmental initiative to be more environmentally friendly and live sustainably.

Please contact the academy office for details of how to buy second-hand uniform: info@mytchett.kite.academy or 01252 544009

Additional Items & Equipment

Water Bottle
All children required to bring a named water bottle to school every day.

Children in Reception to Year 2 do not require a rucksack; a book bag alone is sufficient. A book bag with the academy logo is available to buy from Brendas. Children in Years 3-6 may bring a rucksack of a suitable size so as to be hung on a peg; bags should not be too large as space is limited in cloakroom areas.

Wellington boots
Children in Reception to Year 2 require a named pair of wellington boots to be left at school.

Children in Reception to Year 2 require a named apron/ painting overall/ old shirt to be left at school.

All children are expected to wear a sun hat outdoors in the summer months.

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