Who's Who


Leadership Team

Mrs Sam Willans


Mrs Polly Read

Achievement Lead

Mrs Jess Gladwish

Curriculum Lead

Mrs Jo Green

Well-being Lead

Mrs Donna Collins

Inclusion Lead

Mrs Christa Scott-Fernandez

Early Years Lead

Teaching Team


Class Teacher

Support Staff (LSAs)

Yr N

Mrs Christa Scott-Fernandez

Mrs Marie Davison

Mrs Melissa Gallup

Mrs Trish Lucas

Mrs Karen Cull

Mrs Jenny Yeomans

Yr R

Mrs Katherine Coulter (Mon - Wed lunchtime)

Mrs Kerry Weeks (Wed lunchtime - Friday)

Mrs Nicki McDonagh

Mrs Jenny Yeomans

Mrs Dawn Griffiths

Yr 1

Mr Lee Fleming

Mr Jonnie Seddon (trainee)

Mrs Lyndsy Cope


Yr 2

Mrs Jess Gladwish

Mrs Debbie Pain

Mrs Marie Davison

Yr 3

Miss Kate Risley (Mon - Wed)

Mrs Claire Lloyd (Wed - Fri)

Mrs Rachel Mansell

Mrs Emma Bacca

Mrs Alex Nougher

Mrs Elizabeth Graves

Yr 4

Mrs Polly Read

Yr 5

Mrs Aileen Viney (Monday)

Mrs Babs Milne (Tues- Fri)

Yr 6

Mrs Jo Green

Curriculum enrichment and support

French - Mdme Jo Emsden

PE Coach - Mrs Mel Everingham

Emotional Wellbeing/ Learning Support - Mrs Aileen Viney

ELSAs - Mrs Tricia Lucas and Mrs Rachel Mansell

Site Manager



Lunchtime Team

Midday Supervisors

Our LSA Team

Mrs Lindsay McDermaid

Mrs Melissa Dracott


Mrs Rahena Rashid

Admin Team

Senior Admin and Admissions Officer

Mrs Susie Wraight

Admin Assistant

Mrs Helen Sanders



IT Technician

Mrs Rachel Nawrattel

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